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Wouldn’t you love to live here for a while?

ry%3D400[4] by you.

With this as your backyard?

ry%3D400[2] by you.

Or here?

54654654 by you.

With your backyard looking like this?

87686 by you.

And your bathroom like this?

654654] by you.

ry%3D400[6] by you.

We just loved our honeymoon to the French Polynesian islands (Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora)!  The sunsets were gorgeous and we wanted to display a few photos around the house so we decided to take this photo that we took of a sunset on the island of Moorea:

66214] by you.

And split it into three separate photos (using the crop tool in shutterfly) to frame:

ry%3D400[7] by you. 66545 by you. 66545 by you.

We used white frames from Target and hung them at the entrance of our master bedroom:

ry%3D400[9] by you.

My inspiration for this was from This Young House.  They framed three sunset photos from a trip they took and hung them in their bedroom and we loved the idea.  Thanks TYH!

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This is our second Christmas in Florida (we had lived in NY our entire lives), so it’s still hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s 80 degrees and sunny everyday with palm trees everywhere!  But, after we put up our little tree and some holiday decor it started feeling more like Christmas.

Living Room
LR Christmas Decor by you.

New stockings with monogram pins from TargetStockings by you.

Stocking hooks from Target Stocking Hooks by you.

Small feather tree from Target
Small Feather Tree by you.

Living room couch (bad lighting)LR Christmas Decor by you.

Dining room table: feather tree from Target, added some silver & gold ornaments to vases we already hadDR Christmas Decor by you.

DR Christmas Decor by you.

Hallway:  Our little pre-lit tree and canisters filled with ornaments and starfish
Our Tree by you.

Close up of tree by you.

Close up of canisters by you.

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