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Recently you saw the “den” side of our office/den and here you’ll get to see the “office” side.  One of the first things we bought after we closed on our home was a new desk.
Office side of office/den by you.
Desk close up by you.    

Len does a lot of graphic design work at home so having a TV in this room was essential, only there really wasn’t anywhere to put it other than on the wall above the desk.  It actually turned out to be the perfect spot:
Office/den by you.
We also picked up this leather organizer and charging station from BB&B.  It’s perfect for our desk essentials (pens, scissors, disks, etc) and the charging station keeps all the wires from our gadgets hidden:
Organizer/charging station by you.

We find ourselves hanging out more in here than in the living room!

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I posted about our guest room ideas the other day and after perusing the internet for ideas for small rooms I came across a few images of rooms with no closet doors.  I think this could be an option for our guest room and want to know what you guys think… doors or no doors?

photo courtesy of creativeorganizing.typepad.com
Doorless closet in guest room
photo courtesy of thevirginrenovators.com

photo courtesy of hooksandhangers.com
This is a cute look with wallpaper inside the closet complimenting the paint color on the walls and I also like the idea of having the dresser inside the closet to save space:
100_0884[1] by you.

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Since we’ll have four glass front cabinets in our new kitchen, I’ve been collecting pictures as inspiration on how to arrange dishes, bowls and cups neatly inside.

glass front cabinet inspiration
courtesy of countryliving.com

glass front cabinet inspiration
courtesy of countryliving.com

glass front cabinet inspiration
courtesy of dominomag.com

glass front cabinet inspiration
courtesy of sunset.com

glass front cabinet inspiration
courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

What’s your favorite look? Mostly white? Pops of color?

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