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We’re planning on replacing the carpet in our master bedroom, the guest room and the foyer stairway in the near future and need help deciding on the type of carpet to get.  Of the many types of carpet we saw in Home Depot, there are a few that we liked: texture, twist and loop. 

carpet1 by you.  carpet4 by you.  carpet3 by you.
             texture                                 twist                                 loop

Right now in those areas of the house we have the texture carpet (that was there when we moved in).  Out of the three types of carpet mentioned above I think loop is our least favorite only because it didn’t feel as comfy as the other two.

Color is another issue.  Do we go light (which looks the best) or keep it in the darker tan family to hide stains, etc. (especially on the stairway in the foyer)?

So, what do you think?  What type of carpet do you have?  Would you keep the same style of carpet throughout your home or is it okay to mix?  Have you used Home Depot for carpet installation?  Let us know!


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Renovating our kitchen hasn’t been easy (those who also took on a DIY kitchen renovation know that!) but the hardest part by far was installing the cabinets.  From the beginning we were toying with the idea of installing the cabinets ourselves and when Home Depot quoted us almost $2,000 for installation, that sealed the deal.  With the help of some family members, we got the cabinets installed over a few weekends.
Below is a reminder of what the kitchen looked like on the day we closed:

And what it looked like after demolishing the old and prepping for the new:        
 ry%3D400[7] by you.
After almost exactly three months without a kitchen we finally had cabinets!   
 ry%3D400[10] by you.
 ry%3D400[3] by you.
We worked with Home Depot to make some last minute changes before the cabinet order was final based on some suggestions from friends and family (and the HD designer himself).  One change that we’re glad we made was adding a corner shelving piece to the end of the upper cabinets:
ry%3D400[9] by you.
We also added a few other things like a hidden garbage, a lazy susan, roll-out drawers in the pantry and the cushion close option on each drawer:
ry%3D400[2] by you.
And finally, the completed cabinet installation with the appliances in place and the hardware installed (all the holes measured and drilled by yours truly!).  We chose rubbed bronze knobs for the doors and matching pulls for the drawers:    
ry%3D400[6] by you.
We are extremely happy with our experience at Home Depot and with the American Woodmark cabinets we chose.  Kitchen Renovation Parts V and VI to come…

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Although our kitchen is almost finished (finally!), I’m going to take you step by step in separate posts from beginning to end.  Since we did it all ourselves (although we did call in a professional to install the granite countertops) it took a little longer to complete but we love how it turned out.

Our home was a foreclosure so before the bank took it over the previous owners decided to rip out almost the entire kitchen and take all the appliances except the broken fridge (which we got fixed). We knew this would be a big project, but how often do you get to design your own kitchen from scratch?!


On closing day

kitchen before

kitchen before

kitchen before


Corner of kitchen where cabinets never existed

kitchen before

A few weeks after closing we went to Home Depot and met with an awesome designer (who designs your kitchen for you free of charge by the way), chose are cabinetry (American Woodmark Gettysburg White) and made our appointment for them to measure. About two weeks after measurement we went back to HD to see our design. After some tweaking and input from my husband and I, here is what we came up with:

Corner of kitchen where we are adding additional cabinetry (full pantry with roll-out trays, lazy susan, pull-out garbage)

More kitchen updates to come!

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