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Does a fun, bright and cheery laundry room make doing laundry any easier?  No.  But that’s what husbands are for, right?   

This is my favorite makeover in the house (so far).  The below picture is what our laundry room looked like the day we closed (how nice, the previous owner left us some shelving and tons of holes!):


The previous owner took the washer and dryer when they foreclosed on the home (along with the kitchen appliances) so we bought new ones (Maytag) during a sale at Sears:

We wanted a bright color for the laundry room since most of the main areas in our home are pretty neutral so we went with Valspar’s Herb Cornucopia:

We try to recycle old decor and furniture so we decided to paint our oak colored IKEA shelving white and hang it over the washer and dryer:


After a few months we decided we wanted more storage for things we buy in bulk so we made our way over to Home Depot and found the perfect white cabinetry for above the shelving.  It’s really high, but I can reach it with a step stool and we only put stuff up there that we know we don’t use very often (bulk paper towels, extra laundry detergent, paint supplies, etc).  We love the way it turned out:


Since there were a lot of ugly wires and plugs showing on the wall between the washer/dryer and the shelving we came up with a solution to hide them, but still have easy access if we need to get to them.  We used a tension rod that we got from Target and mounted it just below the shelving and my Mom-in-law sewed a pocket along the top of a green striped fabric we bought so it could hang on the rod:



Do you have a bright and fun laundry room also?  We want to see it.

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This is our foyer:     

The carpet (that has been cleaned since this picture was taken), tile and banister are staying the way they are for now.  The ceilings are extremely tall and it gets a ton of natural light.  We’re thinking of going with a blue-green color but we don’t want anything too bright since the rest of our home is pretty neutral. 

Here’s a color palette I put together of the colors we have so far in our home:

Here are a few colors we are considering:
      Stratton Blue (BM)           Waterbury Green(BM)       Starry Woods (Valspar)
Comments?  Any blue-green colors you’ve used that you love?  Show us! 
We’d love to see how they look in your room (we’re open to any brand of paint).

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