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I just started my subscription to House Beautiful and I am so inspired by it.  While browsing the website earlier I came across their image library where you can look through over 500 photos and refine your search based on color, style, room and pattern.

I found this photo when searching under foyers.  When we eventually get around to replacing the stairway in our foyer, we’d love to create this look with the fat white posts and dark stained banister.

hb1 by you.

While searching under white I found this photo of a bedroom which is quite similar to ours in that we also have white bedding, white side lamps and dark cherry furniture.  We’d been trying to think of ideas for something to put at the end of our bed and love the look of this leather bench:

hb2 by you.

Within the same search this beautiful kitchen photo showed up.  I just love white kitchens and we recently put up the same white subway tile backsplash (which I will be posting soon) in our kitchen:

hb3 by you.

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I already posted about storage under the stairs a few days ago, but I came across the best idea yet for this space.  It’s from the popular mechanics website and was published in the March 2007 issue.

Since our foyer is small we were thinking that maybe a storage bench would take up too much space.  I love that this design provides drawer storage and a place to sit to put shoes on that are both built right into the wall!  We’d be able to keep the foyer as uncluttered as possible:

spacesavers-diag2x-0307[1] by you.
Karl Champley (who wrote the article) said this, “Before doing any demolition, I checked to see if any mechanical systems ran through the walls—and found an air-conditioning return to watch out for.”  The only way I can think to do this is to cut a small hole and peek around with a flashlight to see if any plumbing or electrical lines are in that space.

spacesavers-stair2-0307[1] by you.

Since we’ll have leftover wainscoting from our guest room makeover we can definitely use the idea of adding it on the drawer and inside the seating area shown below: 

spacesavers-stair1-0307[1] by you.

Thanks Karl and Popular Mechanics for this wonderful spacesaver and storage idea!  We can’t wait to get started on this project.

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I was in the Benjamin Moore paint store on Friday getting paint for our guest room and picking up some samples for the foyer when I came across the Aura paint collection.  These Affinity colors are gorgeous and the sales person was saying how great the coverage is with one coat (which is great since our foyer is going to be VERY difficult to paint with the extremely high ceilings).  I’m just wondering if the higher price tag is worth it.
There are a few new colors that we’re now considering for the foyer:

    BM Windchime by you.   BM Refined by you.   BM Jute by you.  
 BM Azores by you.   Metropolitan by you.

Azores seems dark, but cut by 50% or even 75% would lighten it up.  We originally wanted a blue-green color but also want it to flow with the colors we already have in the rest of the house, which are mostly BM Historical Colors (Nantucket Gray, Shaker Beige, Lenox Tan, Yarmouth Blue). Choosing paint for the foyer has been the hardest choice yet.
I did pick up two gallons of BM Sweet Pear while there though for the guest room and we will be starting on that today. 
Have you used the Aura paint?  Let us know your experience and the color you used!

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