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Good Buy At Best Buy

If you’re venturing out on Black Friday looking for a new TV, head to Best Buy for this 32″ Dynex 720p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV for only $399.99 ($100 off!):

8632553_ra by you.

tag_399 by you.

Just be on line before 5am to get your ticket…

We have the 26″ version of this TV and we have nothing but positive things to say about it.  It has a nice picture on regular channels and the HD channels come in crystal clear.

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These are our two photo wall ideas for the stairway from the foyer to the second floor. I’m not sure which one I prefer yet and we may throw in some black frames that we have laying around also, but it’s fun playing around with frame arrangements.

                      Option 1                                                       Option 2

The wall (unpainted)
We picked up all the frames at Kohl’s during a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion.  Saved a bundle! 

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