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We’re planning on replacing the carpet in our master bedroom, the guest room and the foyer stairway in the near future and need help deciding on the type of carpet to get.  Of the many types of carpet we saw in Home Depot, there are a few that we liked: texture, twist and loop. 

carpet1 by you.  carpet4 by you.  carpet3 by you.
             texture                                 twist                                 loop

Right now in those areas of the house we have the texture carpet (that was there when we moved in).  Out of the three types of carpet mentioned above I think loop is our least favorite only because it didn’t feel as comfy as the other two.

Color is another issue.  Do we go light (which looks the best) or keep it in the darker tan family to hide stains, etc. (especially on the stairway in the foyer)?

So, what do you think?  What type of carpet do you have?  Would you keep the same style of carpet throughout your home or is it okay to mix?  Have you used Home Depot for carpet installation?  Let us know!

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We still have more decorating to do in our living room but here is the before, during and after from closing day to now:

(before)   ry%3D400[8] by you.


      ry%3D400[3] by you.
(after)ry%3D400[3] by you.

ry%3D400[3] by you.

What we did
-added crown moulding and new base moulding
-ripped up carpet (the day after closing!) and installed new flooring
-painted (BM Nantucket Gray)
-added a ceiling fan/light
-put up shelving, decor, etc.
Still need/want to:
-put up curtains on sliding glass doors
-add wall decor over couch
-get new couches
-add a coffee table (or end tables if we get new couches)
-replace tower next to TV stand with one that has doors/drawers

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