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Wouldn’t you love to live here for a while?

ry%3D400[4] by you.

With this as your backyard?

ry%3D400[2] by you.

Or here?

54654654 by you.

With your backyard looking like this?

87686 by you.

And your bathroom like this?

654654] by you.

ry%3D400[6] by you.

We just loved our honeymoon to the French Polynesian islands (Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora)!  The sunsets were gorgeous and we wanted to display a few photos around the house so we decided to take this photo that we took of a sunset on the island of Moorea:

66214] by you.

And split it into three separate photos (using the crop tool in shutterfly) to frame:

ry%3D400[7] by you. 66545 by you. 66545 by you.

We used white frames from Target and hung them at the entrance of our master bedroom:

ry%3D400[9] by you.

My inspiration for this was from This Young House.  They framed three sunset photos from a trip they took and hung them in their bedroom and we loved the idea.  Thanks TYH!


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This is our second Christmas in Florida (we had lived in NY our entire lives), so it’s still hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s 80 degrees and sunny everyday with palm trees everywhere!  But, after we put up our little tree and some holiday decor it started feeling more like Christmas.

Living Room
LR Christmas Decor by you.

New stockings with monogram pins from TargetStockings by you.

Stocking hooks from Target Stocking Hooks by you.

Small feather tree from Target
Small Feather Tree by you.

Living room couch (bad lighting)LR Christmas Decor by you.

Dining room table: feather tree from Target, added some silver & gold ornaments to vases we already hadDR Christmas Decor by you.

DR Christmas Decor by you.

Hallway:  Our little pre-lit tree and canisters filled with ornaments and starfish
Our Tree by you.

Close up of tree by you.

Close up of canisters by you.

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Besides all the DIY projects we still have left to do, here are some material things on our wish list this year:

capiz chandelier from westelm.com
p_w253_pip_st_H06_080902102749_PIP_large[1] by you.

white tv stand from homedecoratorsoutlet.com
l5912200410[1] by you.

This amazing coffee table that only ships in the UK… if anyone knows where I can order one similar in the US I’d appreciate it!e_kristinablanketcoffee[1] by you.

floor mirror from cb2.com
LineaFloorMirrorWhite[1] by you.

gallery frames from potterybarn.com
img33m[1] by you.

thoms paul pillows from designpublic.com
10198__dp__e(700x600)[1] by you.
10179__dp__e(700x600)[1] by you.

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I just started my subscription to House Beautiful and I am so inspired by it.  While browsing the website earlier I came across their image library where you can look through over 500 photos and refine your search based on color, style, room and pattern.

I found this photo when searching under foyers.  When we eventually get around to replacing the stairway in our foyer, we’d love to create this look with the fat white posts and dark stained banister.

hb1 by you.

While searching under white I found this photo of a bedroom which is quite similar to ours in that we also have white bedding, white side lamps and dark cherry furniture.  We’d been trying to think of ideas for something to put at the end of our bed and love the look of this leather bench:

hb2 by you.

Within the same search this beautiful kitchen photo showed up.  I just love white kitchens and we recently put up the same white subway tile backsplash (which I will be posting soon) in our kitchen:

hb3 by you.

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Who doesn’t need more storage?  We definitely do (we’d like someday to actually be able to park our car in our garage) and have been talking about adding it under our stairs in the foyer.  We’d have to somehow see how much room we have under there, but we’re thinking of a cute little door or some drawers or even an open area with shelving.  It would definitely be a time consuming DIY project but well worth it I think.  

25543616_5170b7ede1[1] by you.

G4_stairs[1] by you.
modern-storage-l[1] by you.
Hidden doors…
walnut_crick_016[1] by you.
walnut_crick_019[1] by you.
Or even wine storage…
400[1] by you.
1644310_wine-cabinet_xl[1] by you.
Maybe some storage IN the stairs…
537583574_4d6fb4bb43[1] by you.

Do you have storage under your stairs? 
Did you take on this DIY project?  We’d love to hear all about it.

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I came across modernwallgraphics.com today while searching for “wall stripes” on Google and I’ve been browsing the site all morning.  They have a product called Wall Slicks that you peel and stick to your wall (they’re removable too) and have over 100 wall decal styles to choose from.  They say it looks like paint so for those of you who live in apartments and can’t paint the walls, this might be a fun option for you.
They have some great wall decals for a baby’s room and also have Say It! decals where you can choose any saying for your wall:

Wall slicks 2 by you.  Wall slicks 4 by you.

Do you think using these stripes would be easier than painting stripes?
Wall slicks 3 by you.  Wall Slicks 1 by you.

They can also be used as framed art and on a ceiling:

Wall slicks 6 by you.  Wall slicks 5 by you.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Something’s Gotta Give
I love the beachy blue striped rug in this living room and that adorable nook over the doorway on the left side of the photo with books lined up inside.  While I’m not one for white walls, they totally work in this room:

My dream kitchen.  I just love the look of white cabinetes with exposed hinges: 

One Tree Hill
What I wouldn’t give to have a banister like this on our stairs!  
The subway tile in this bathroom is a great look and I absolutely love the pale green moulding around the window:

I never used to do this before I bought a house, but now I always find myself looking at every little detail in the set decor when watching a movie.

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