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We’re pretty proud of this project being that it was all DIY (except the granite installation)!  Since we had already installed dark flooring throughout most of the house we decided to go with white for the kitchen cabinets and oil rubbed bronze for the knobs & pulls.  After living with only a fridge for a few months (we bought a foreclosure and the owner had taken out most of the cabinets and all the appliances except the broken stainless steel fridge – which we got fixed) we were so happy to have our brand new kitchen!

So without further ado, here are the before and after pics of our kitchen!







Here’s the breakdown:

Cabinets & Faucet – Home Depot
Paint – BM Nantucket Gray
Granite – local stone yard (Peacock Verde is the color)
Knobs/Pulls – Lowes
Backsplash – Lowes (white subway tile)
Appliances – Sears

Any specifics you want to know just ask!

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A while ago (in our Grout Dilemma post) we asked for your opinions on what color grout to go with the white subway tile that we picked out for our kitchen backsplash.  The majority of you went with white grout, which is what we ended up choosing!  Thank you for all your input. 

We went to several different tile/kitchen places for the subway tile and most places wanted between $2.50 and $3.50 per tile (for 3×6 white subway tiles).  We finally decided to go check out Home Depot to see if they had them and they didn’t, but someone there told us to go check out Lowes.  We are so glad we did because we got the tiles for $0.22 cents each!  This entire project with all the supplies cost us less than $85.oo! 

Here are a few before/prep shots:

P1010039 by you.

P1010041 by you.

P1010043 by you.

We spent one entire day installing the backsplash (about 7 hours), which was a little longer than expected.  Putting up each tile with the spacers and making all the cuts for the edges was really time consuming.  It’s a very messy DIY project too!

P1010045 by you.

P1010055 by you.

P1010049 by you.

P1010048 by you.

P1010052 by you.

We waited a full 48 hours before grouting, but that was quick and painless and we are very happy we went with the white grout!

P1010069 by you.

P1010084 by you.

And finally everything is back in order and the only thing left to do now is the moulding on top of the cabinets.  Once that is done, a big kitchen reveal post will come!

Backsplash by you.

Subway Tile backsplash by you.

Backsplash by you.

Backsplash installed by you.

We’re extremely happy with how it came out!  What do you think?

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Choosing the granite was difficult because we were on a budget and knew we wanted a dark/black color.  Once we found the granite we loved we priced it out at three different places.  The last one we went to charged us over $600 less than the others AND included a stainless undermount sink.  Shopping around pays off again!

We ended up going with Verde Peacock, which is mostly black with green, silver, gold and gray bursts throughout the slab.  We are extremely happy with our decision:

Granite is in! by you.

Undermount sink by you.

We had a hard time deciding on an edge as well and at first we chose the bullnose edge, but after searching for pictures of edges online we found the bevel edge and quickly changed to that:

Granite - bevel edge by you.

Extended bar by you.

The only things left to do (before the big reveal) is install the subway tile backsplash and the crown moulding on top of the cabinets.  I’ll be updating again soon…

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We tested out our new camera this weekend and just wanted to share a few cool shots.  We’re still learning how to use it but we’re having a lot of fun with it:
Thanksgiving Day playing outside with family after dinner: 
DSC_0107 by you.
Our baby:
DSC_0039 by you.
Christmas ornament we got as a gift (and a little preview of our kitchen backsplash in the background!):
DSC_0003 by you.

We worked on the house a lot this weekend, especially in the guest room, so stay tuned for updates!

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Renovating our kitchen hasn’t been easy (those who also took on a DIY kitchen renovation know that!) but the hardest part by far was installing the cabinets.  From the beginning we were toying with the idea of installing the cabinets ourselves and when Home Depot quoted us almost $2,000 for installation, that sealed the deal.  With the help of some family members, we got the cabinets installed over a few weekends.
Below is a reminder of what the kitchen looked like on the day we closed:

And what it looked like after demolishing the old and prepping for the new:        
 ry%3D400[7] by you.
After almost exactly three months without a kitchen we finally had cabinets!   
 ry%3D400[10] by you.
 ry%3D400[3] by you.
We worked with Home Depot to make some last minute changes before the cabinet order was final based on some suggestions from friends and family (and the HD designer himself).  One change that we’re glad we made was adding a corner shelving piece to the end of the upper cabinets:
ry%3D400[9] by you.
We also added a few other things like a hidden garbage, a lazy susan, roll-out drawers in the pantry and the cushion close option on each drawer:
ry%3D400[2] by you.
And finally, the completed cabinet installation with the appliances in place and the hardware installed (all the holes measured and drilled by yours truly!).  We chose rubbed bronze knobs for the doors and matching pulls for the drawers:    
ry%3D400[6] by you.
We are extremely happy with our experience at Home Depot and with the American Woodmark cabinets we chose.  Kitchen Renovation Parts V and VI to come…

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Prepping the kitchen for the new cabinetry included:

1. Demolishing and clearing out the old cabinets

2. Cutting tile to fit the new cabinets (can we say dust?!)

3. Painting

4. Moving electrical and cutting the wall where there were no cabinets and attaching wood to the beams for new cabinet installation

5. Cleaning


Ok new kitchen, we’re ready for you…

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We chose white subway tile for our kitchen backsplash, but now we’re faced with the grout color decision.

White grout

The faucet and backsplash by pinklovesbrown.image courtesy of makingitlovely.com

Darker grout

image courtesy of mariotileguy.com


Our cabinets are white and granite countertop is black. 

Which would you choose?

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