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A big thank you to Jen for putting this together for me for our master bath reno that we’ll hopefully get to do in the near future.  I haven’t had any time to look into details (except found that cute vanity from costco for a great price) and she has such a good eye for this stuff!  What do you guys think?

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I just sent in our info to HGTV’s Renovation Realities.  I really wanted to submit our info to Hammer Heads or Carter Can, since they actually help with projects, but they only want people in the LA area.  Boo.

Well, the reason I submitted our info to them is because we have a major master bath reno that we’d LOVE to do in the near future.  We need to save up a little more money first but it’s definitely high up on our list of home improvements.

Here are a few pics of the master bath when we moved in:

vanity area

left wall

back wall (sink)

right wall (shower)

We haven’t done much to it except paint it a super light ivory color (which we hate) and put in a new light fixture.

This pic is looking from the master bedroom… there is an archway into the vanity/closet area and then a pocket door into the actual bathroom:

Here is the layout how it is now…

External Image

Here is the new layout that we came up with… after many ideas on what to do:

We are going to be on a strict budget so moving plumbing and electrical too much isn’t an option.  What do you think?  Do you think not having a tub is a bad idea? We never use it (in the last 2 years I used it once for 5 minutes when I was in labor!) and we have a guest bathroom with a nice tub.  Oh and keep in mind we have NO linen closet right now which is a huge pain, we keep our towels under the sink!

We’ll take any input you guys have.

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We need a new light fixture with a fan for our master bedroom.  I found a few today while browsing the Lamps Plus website that I like and was hoping you could help us decide.  

Master bedroom "after" by you.

82425cropped[1] by you.

62088cropped[1] by you.

23410cropped[1] by you.

This one is not in the running since it’s $650.00 (!!) but I thought it was pretty cool:

35511[1] by you.

Let us know what you think!   Thanks.

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We’re planning on replacing the carpet in our master bedroom, the guest room and the foyer stairway in the near future and need help deciding on the type of carpet to get.  Of the many types of carpet we saw in Home Depot, there are a few that we liked: texture, twist and loop. 

carpet1 by you.  carpet4 by you.  carpet3 by you.
             texture                                 twist                                 loop

Right now in those areas of the house we have the texture carpet (that was there when we moved in).  Out of the three types of carpet mentioned above I think loop is our least favorite only because it didn’t feel as comfy as the other two.

Color is another issue.  Do we go light (which looks the best) or keep it in the darker tan family to hide stains, etc. (especially on the stairway in the foyer)?

So, what do you think?  What type of carpet do you have?  Would you keep the same style of carpet throughout your home or is it okay to mix?  Have you used Home Depot for carpet installation?  Let us know!

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I was in the Benjamin Moore paint store on Friday getting paint for our guest room and picking up some samples for the foyer when I came across the Aura paint collection.  These Affinity colors are gorgeous and the sales person was saying how great the coverage is with one coat (which is great since our foyer is going to be VERY difficult to paint with the extremely high ceilings).  I’m just wondering if the higher price tag is worth it.
There are a few new colors that we’re now considering for the foyer:

    BM Windchime by you.   BM Refined by you.   BM Jute by you.  
 BM Azores by you.   Metropolitan by you.

Azores seems dark, but cut by 50% or even 75% would lighten it up.  We originally wanted a blue-green color but also want it to flow with the colors we already have in the rest of the house, which are mostly BM Historical Colors (Nantucket Gray, Shaker Beige, Lenox Tan, Yarmouth Blue). Choosing paint for the foyer has been the hardest choice yet.
I did pick up two gallons of BM Sweet Pear while there though for the guest room and we will be starting on that today. 
Have you used the Aura paint?  Let us know your experience and the color you used!

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I posted about our guest room ideas the other day and after perusing the internet for ideas for small rooms I came across a few images of rooms with no closet doors.  I think this could be an option for our guest room and want to know what you guys think… doors or no doors?

photo courtesy of creativeorganizing.typepad.com
Doorless closet in guest room
photo courtesy of thevirginrenovators.com

photo courtesy of hooksandhangers.com
This is a cute look with wallpaper inside the closet complimenting the paint color on the walls and I also like the idea of having the dresser inside the closet to save space:
100_0884[1] by you.

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This is our foyer:     

The carpet (that has been cleaned since this picture was taken), tile and banister are staying the way they are for now.  The ceilings are extremely tall and it gets a ton of natural light.  We’re thinking of going with a blue-green color but we don’t want anything too bright since the rest of our home is pretty neutral. 

Here’s a color palette I put together of the colors we have so far in our home:

Here are a few colors we are considering:
      Stratton Blue (BM)           Waterbury Green(BM)       Starry Woods (Valspar)
Comments?  Any blue-green colors you’ve used that you love?  Show us! 
We’d love to see how they look in your room (we’re open to any brand of paint).

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The wall space over the sofa in our den/office has been empty for a while now…

Here are some ideas I came up with in Paint:

Option 1:  Mirror (which we have and I just painted white) – will reflect the window


Option 2:  Four framed photos


Option 3:  Shelf (which we have from Ikea) with kniknaks and framed wedding pic


I’m afraid the 3rd option might look too cluttered since we already have that ladder shelf on one side of the couch.  Comments or any other ideas you have?  We’d love to hear ’em!

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