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I posted about our guest room ideas the other day and after perusing the internet for ideas for small rooms I came across a few images of rooms with no closet doors.  I think this could be an option for our guest room and want to know what you guys think… doors or no doors?

photo courtesy of creativeorganizing.typepad.com
Doorless closet in guest room
photo courtesy of thevirginrenovators.com

photo courtesy of hooksandhangers.com
This is a cute look with wallpaper inside the closet complimenting the paint color on the walls and I also like the idea of having the dresser inside the closet to save space:
100_0884[1] by you.

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I came across modernwallgraphics.com today while searching for “wall stripes” on Google and I’ve been browsing the site all morning.  They have a product called Wall Slicks that you peel and stick to your wall (they’re removable too) and have over 100 wall decal styles to choose from.  They say it looks like paint so for those of you who live in apartments and can’t paint the walls, this might be a fun option for you.
They have some great wall decals for a baby’s room and also have Say It! decals where you can choose any saying for your wall:

Wall slicks 2 by you.  Wall slicks 4 by you.

Do you think using these stripes would be easier than painting stripes?
Wall slicks 3 by you.  Wall Slicks 1 by you.

They can also be used as framed art and on a ceiling:

Wall slicks 6 by you.  Wall slicks 5 by you.

Pretty cool, huh?

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